The Body Issue

The Body Issue is part of NOW Gallery’s Human Stories series – an annual exhibition that encourages contemporary discourse on modern life and the human scale. Involving progressive communities, artists, photographers, filmmakers, writers, and thinkers, it weaves different perspectives into a compelling visual display.

GRID has produced a series of exhibition catalogues to reflect these stories and encourage visitors to the gallery.

Contemporary photographers, filmmakers and animators were invited to map out a series of images that articulate our cosmetic rituals, manipulate faces, hair and anatomy whilst capturing the subtle blemishes, nuances and imperfections that make us all individual. It was our job to present these in ways that would capture an audience’s imagination and entice them to see the work for themselves.

Featured photographers include:

Nadine Ijewere
Alma Haser
Nakeya Brown
Isabelle Wenzel
Joy Gregory
Charlotte Colbert
Nicole Chui
Aart Verrips

Exhibition design by Interesting Projects
Exhibition photography by Katy Davies
Curated by Kaia Charles