NOW Gallery

NOW Gallery is Greenwich Peninsula’s public arts space, dedicated to showcasing world-class art commissions while providing a platform for emerging artists and designers.

Back in 2014, we created a stand-out visual identity and continue to work with the gallery on marketing and exhibition materials.

Attracting more than 150,000 visitors, NOW Gallery specialises in large-scale installations with a focus on fashion, photography, design, and art – curated by Jemima Burrill and Kaia Charles.

Commissions have so far included a mix of new and established talent including Charles Jeffrey, Molly Goddard, Nicholas Daley, Emmanuelle Moureaux, Studio Morison, Camille Walala and Sara Shakeel.

Gallery and exhibition photography by Charles Emerson

Applying light and shade to the NOW letterforms, the identity takes form in the light and shadows reflected from the seven-metre high curved glass of the building.